January 20th, 2013

wolf eyes

My tweets

  • Sat, 12:37: Oh, look, backstory without being infodumpy. At least, I hope. And there's a thousand on my day so far.
  • Sat, 13:17: ...this is what I get for not giving these people names in the outline. Now I have to do it on the fly. #amwriting
  • Sat, 15:37: Ben's at-times painful self-awareness...… http://t.co/XsDDhUmW
  • Sat, 18:07: Ben was tense beside me, and I didn't blame him, not really. Last time he'd been trapped in a confined space with a vampire, he'd died. #wip
  • Sat, 19:36: First Bonus Goal Achievement unlocked! 300 more words to the next. #amwriting
  • Sat, 22:29: And I have blown past the wordcount I did ALL YEAR in 2012. In under three weeks. I like this experiment. I like it a lot. #amwriting
  • Sat, 22:32: Hey, look. Backstory without infodumping. I think that's twice I've accomplished that in the same story. Yay.
  • Sat, 22:52: And there's Wednesday's Technical Word Count in the can. 200 more to Bonus #2. At Pinch 1 right NOW. #amwriting
  • Sun, 07:43: Internet caught up with, numbers run. Let's see if I can hit 40K today. Starting point: 37,600. Anyone can do that, right? #amwriting