January 21st, 2013

Guri praying

I'm avoiding the TV this afternoon.

Last time was bad enough. There is no sense thwacking myself with a brick in the head again and I do not need to be sent into another frothing rage. Praying for my country, at this point, is all I can do.

So, I will write today. I will do something I enjoy, in blatant defiance of... well. Everything. As I have said before, my happiness is not dependent on who sits in the White House. My life will go serenely on, with perhaps a few hiccups along the way. As it does.

Which is not to say I will be avoiding TV tonight. After all, I have been looking forward to "The Following" for as long as I've been aware of it. Kevin Bacon hooked me in the first ad--and then when I found out James Purefoy was the villain, my squee-age knew no bounds. And there are Poe references. I'll reserve judgment until we're four eps in, but it looks amazing, from the previews. *bounces*

And, of course, Castle is also on tonight, and H50 (which we will DVR). So, really, there's no bad there.

Meanwhile, I write. I cracked 40,000 words in the Project o'Doom last night. Let's see if I can stick an END at the bottom of this story today and start the next one, shall we?
wolf eyes

My tweets

  • Sun, 15:02: @PapaJohns for lunch. Protein bomb consumed. Now #amwriting. Plot Turn 2 just started. Giant werewolf/vampire scrum is Go.
  • Sun, 18:42: I am picturing Janni's face while writing this scene. Yes, that is the lovely Sophina Brown, who plays her in my head. http://t.co/fSLh9SPn
  • Sun, 21:34: Thursday's technical goal: DONE. 400 more to Wednesday's actual goal. Alcohol is a great lubricant. Janni is PISSED. Good times. #amwriting
  • Sun, 22:19: Wednesday's actual goal done. Onward to Bonus #1, which I only need 200 more for.
  • Sun, 22:20: It is SO VERY GOOD to have a supportive spousal unit. He's off to bed but says if I'm on a roll I should stay up. <3<3<3 #amwriting
  • Sun, 23:11: Bonus #1 done. I think 450 more to 40K total on the project, but I think I might be out of gas. Cat is snoring and I wish I was.
  • Sun, 23:37: 150 more to 40,000 total on this project. Anyone can do that. Right? RIGHT??? #amwriting
  • Sun, 23:57: THERE. 40,100 total on the project. Under 10,000 to go. 5100 words on this story, and I've hit the midpoint. And now it is bedtime. #honkshu
  • Mon, 11:02: Completely avoiding the annoi-- I mean, inauguration today. Last time put me in a frothing rage. Have run numbers, so now, I write.
  • Mon, 11:27: I'm avoiding the TV this afternoon.… http://t.co/6KBiFIpV
Numfar: Dance of Joy

And there's another END...

At the bottom of another story. Word count for this one comes in just under 7600 and puts my total word count at 42,500. This gives me Friday's Actual Goal. I've missed my Third Bonus Goal by a hundred words, but I'm okay with that.

I haven't decided what the Next Story will be. Whatever it is will probably finish me out, though, or close to it. Maybe I'll pick one of the more complicated ones that's left.

But that's for tomorrow. For now, I'm fried.

But well on my way to a successful end to this project.