January 29th, 2013

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  • Mon, 21:11: Convention Season!… http://t.co/nKFnjuQZ
  • Tue, 09:07: Today, I finish this story, which has been kicking my ASS. I'm not even kidding. #amwriting
  • Tue, 09:38: Well. It's snowing again. I hate winter. Hate. It. Guess that means it's a good day to stay inside and write.
  • Tue, 09:44: SIGH. Now I'm asking myself knotty questions like "What does this cost him" & "How does his PTSD figure into the climax." Little LATE, self.
Straight from the Bottle

Hey, remember how I hadn't got to the "I hate this story" point in this project yet?

*singsongy* I'm the-errrre!

Seriously, I hate this story. It sucks. It sucks hardcore. I have no idea how I'm going to stick an END at the bottom of it or how I'm going to fix the hot mess that it is in editing. My character is all over the place. It's in present tense, which I hate with the fire of a thousand suns, but it sort of needs to be because of the way I've structured it and restructuring it will take too much effort. The stakes are not nearly high enough here, and the simple solution would be for him to just get a damn room in town for the three nights a month the Thing bothers him--not go in guns blazing to try to kill the monster that's already kicked his ass at least twice.

My plot is broken. It may be fundamentally broken.

This. This shit right here. Is why writers drink.
kill you with my brain

Oh, hey. The schedule for LTUE is up.

And I'm on panels!
  • Thursday, Feb 14, 2pm: Copyright Law and Fair Use
  • Friday, Feb 15, 10am: Importance of Internal Consistency in Storytelling
  • Friday, Feb 15, noon: Gun Use in Fiction (with Mike Kupari, Larry Correia, and Howard Tayler. I'll just be over here, flailing.)
  • Friday, Feb 15, 5pm: Writing Modern Fantasy

Nothing on Saturday, though. I think the ones on Friday will be my first ones ever where I'm not talking about fanfiction. I am moving up in the world!

So, if you guys have Valentine's weekend free, come on over to Utah for our symposium. Because it's AWESOME.