February 3rd, 2013

harshing my squee

Yeah, I'm burnt out on this one.

I printed out Angry Bitter Angel with the intention of going over it with the Red Pen of Doom. But I've done three editing passes on it, and now every time I sit down to look at it, I go crosseyed. I'm not quite ready to post it here yet, though.

Fortunately, I have four other stories to work on instead. It's not like Angry Bitter Angel is going anywhere; those pages will still be there when I'm ready to take them up again.

So, instead, I think I'll open up the Zombunny story and see if I still like it.
Guri praise the Lord

Writers of the Future updated the blog...

And there I am as an Honorable Mention. Yaaaay. I got the certificate in the mail too. That was for Won His Soul, BTW.

I was excited for the first Honorable Mention. Really, I was.

This, however, was my eighth.

I wonder. If one gets ten, is there a special award?

Maybe one of the ones from this Project o'Doom will be The One. And maybe Analog will print the Zombunny story. It could happen.
Not the worst thing

I love this paragraph.

Seriously, this is Alex in a nutshell:
Back inside, the work consumed him, completely blocking out everything else. Lunch came and went without him noticing. Sometime around nine PM, he ate. . . something he didn't remember five minutes later, in between poring over slides and tissue and nanotech, trying to figure out what had gone wrong. He had an enormous pot of coffee next to him, and a fresh bottle of single-malt scotch. If he could've used an IV to mainline the stuff, he would have, but the one time he tried that, he'd had to endure a two-hour lecture from both Megan and Chambliss on why it was a very bad horrible idea, so he drank it down the conventional way and lamented how slow it was, while back-burnering an idea to speed absorption.

He is awesome and hilarious.

And not Tony. Really.