February 5th, 2013

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I realized earlier today...

That I was terribly glad that I hit the Unquiet Neighbors story last in the Project o'Doom rather than closer to the beginning. That one really kicked my ass, and it might have been discouraging had I tried it earlier in the process. So, dodged a bullet.

In other news, I've read over Zombunnies a couple of times and noted a few flaws, such as the fact that Alex and Megan need to be a little more touchy with each other than I'm having them do. Also, the science consists mainly of Handwavium. He fixes it with, uh... TELOMERES. And, uh... STEM CELLS. And, uh, uh, uh... a NANOTECH DELIVERY SYSTEM. Yeah, I got nothin' but explodey bunny heads.

Dude, they weren't even teaching this stuff in college 25 years ago. Dolly the Sheep didn't happen until eleven years after I graduated--cloning was strictly in the realm of science fiction back then. Of course, I was programming computers in languages I don't think they even use anymore (BASIC, COBOL, and FORTRAN, anyone?). Yes, I'm a dinosaur.

ALSO: I took my Utah Concealed Carry Class today. I can turn the paperwork in tomorrow, and will hopefully get a little card in the mail in about 60 days. There were nine people taking the class including myself and excluding my husband (he just sat in for the refresher; he already has his CCP). Four of them (including me) were women. So, that's awesome. I like that.