February 11th, 2013

wolf eyes

My tweets

  • Sun, 18:19: First read-through on Janni's story done. I like this story! It'll take less time to beat it into shape than Eldritch Plumbing. #amediting
  • Sun, 20:42: RT @ABoredAuthor: You know you're a writer when you have nightmares about making typos in your queries.
  • Sun, 20:43: I dearly love this story, but it's TERRIBLE. Having to go through sentence by sentence and fix it. Guess that's why it's called a 1st draft.
  • Sun, 21:56: *headdesk* Yes. Handcuff scars on his wrists. Where else would they be. #amediting
  • Sun, 22:43: ...this sentence makes no sense in this context. I have no idea what I was going for here. #amediting
  • Sun, 22:51: This fight scene is boring. The stakes are high enough but it's one-sided and the outcome is never in doubt. Bleh. #amediting
  • Mon, 10:05: Figured out in the middle of the night what this scene was missing. Remember the part where I'm emotionally stunted? Yeah. #amediting