February 20th, 2013

Not the worst thing

Might have another piece of the puzzle for Glam Ben.

...maybe. I'm not sure I actually like it, or if he's going to need rescuing.

Or who will actually do the rescuing. Janni is a bitty badass and Megan's no slouch, but saving him from a live blood bank is not exactly in their skill set.

I'll have to figure out POV for it, too. I was thinking 1st person from Ben's, but if someone's going to have to come riding in, I may have to do a tight 3rd instead and swap.

In other news, it looks like we may be heading to Colorado this weekend. I don't have anything else going, really, mainly editing and Glam Ben. My RP partner and I are doing a gut-wrenching storyline that's making me cry (I am emotionally stunted and cry at commercials and RP, go figure, IDEK), but we're slow on that front anyway, so. We are terrible people and we're strangely okay with that.

Of course, earlier I had That Moment When you suddenly realize that you totally fridged (link goes to TV Tropes, click at your own risk) your favorite character (and that link goes to said fridging), but. Like I say. Terrible person. Okay with that.
I'm a terrible person

Dear LJ:

Yes. I realize I'm using the old version of the friends page. That's because I like it. Your new one-size-fits-all "friends feed" is fugly and non-functional.

Seriously, I tried to customize it, using the (very very limited, and boring) new colors for the header things. And it didn't work.

I might be more reconciled to this thing you're inflicting on us if I could have a banner rather than a background image. Considering the fact that a background image will be almost completely covered by content, it's friggin' useless. Let me have a pretty picture at the top and I may consider not jumping ship to DW when you make this trainwreck permanent.

In even more silly news, now that I've customized it, it's giving me the old version of the friends page and telling me that I'm using the new one. So, way to go, guys. That's awesome. Idiots.

No love,
agilebrit, who has two paid accounts and extra userpics on a third and will not renew if you keep up this ridiculousness. Not that you care because I am old and have been here for years, so that's apparently not the demographic you're shooting for.

In other news, I have a new icon. *points* And I really need to sit down and outline this new story. Also, I realized that Boy has a Scout thing this weekend and so going to Colorado is... problematic. *sigh*
NOT a smile

Okay, I've played with it some more...

Because, you know, they're going to inflict it on us no matter what the userbase says, because Customer Service is apparently still a foreign concept in Russia or something.

And it's not as bad as before, but it's still pretty terrible. I got the subject line to a tolerable color and managed to at least darken the background, but the entries themselves are horrible. White space, white space, everywhere, and why does anyone think that's attractive? I much prefer reading my friends' entries the way I'm doing it now, and not stretched all the way across the damn page.

Ugh, ugh, and more ugh. Why, LJ. Why u do dis.