February 21st, 2013

I'm a terrible person

This 'n' that.

Well, the trip to Colorado is off. The HubbyMom is ill, whether from the topical chemo she's applying to the incipient skin cancer on her nose (we live in the future!) or from a bug going around, she's not sure. But that works out for this week, anyway--now I don't have to worry about Boy's Scout Thing or cancelling the meeting with my Writing Buddy.

I've got my first pinch and my midpoint for the Glam Ben story. You know, Larry Correia said "I don't write horror because I don't write victim fiction." And there's a lot to be said for that. I frequently use Ben as either a punching bag or a damsel in distress (which I've hung a lampshade on, more than once), but he also kicks ass and takes names. Eventually.

I'm not sure how I do that in this one. And that's driving me a little crazy. I have a sort of rescue plan in place, but the boy is strapped to a table with a needle in his hand and an aconite drip, experiencing the requisite (for him) flashbacks and panic attacks. Last time this happened to him, he died. He's going to be pretty useless.

Maybe I'll have them escape from the blood bank by the skin of their teeth and then have to go back and burn it down. Something. Because I'm like Larry. I don't actually like writing victims.

I got crit on Angry Bitter Angel from my Awesome RP Partner, which I will be incorporating in short order. Once I hear back from my Writing Buddy on Zombunnies, I'll incorporate those changes, and it'll be ready for subbing pretty quick, I think.

And anyone who's using Photobucket for a custom mood theme may have noticed that it went kerflooey. This is because Photobucket is being just as frelling stoopid as LJ is this month and incorporating unpopular changes that have their userbase looking for alternatives in droves. Whee. I fixed mine via the method espoused by the lovely and effulgent gorengal: To fix, you need to go to the edit moodtheme screen under customize journal appearance. See the beginning of the URLs that say http://s...? You need to replace every 's' with an 'i'. Took me ten minutes and was a pain, but I've got my mood back. THANKS, PHOTOBUCKET.