February 24th, 2013

wolf eyes

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  • Sat, 13:16: Okay, this fight scene is roughed in. Now to make it stop sucking. Also, it solves a plot problem but causes a wordcount problem. Argh.
  • Sat, 13:19: Argh, I also need to be working on the Glam Ben outline. That deadline will sneak up on me like a very sneaky thing if I'm not careful.
Writer of Wrongs

And this right here is why we brainstorm with other writers.

I now have a fully-formed Plot for Glam Ben. I have a villain, I have a motive, and I have ways for Janni to be Awesome.

I also need to take Chambliss out of the story. *sob*

I only have 6000 words to play with here. Adding Chambliss, while it would be hilarious and I love him, would also add a need for explanations. Janni is awesome enough on her own that she does not Need Help. So, sorry, Chambliss, you're not in this one. I will write one just for you in my next NaNo round, okay?

I passed Janni's story over to my Writing Buddy and got back crit on Zombunnies. That one is nearly ready for subbing. I'll put the crit (not just his, but also that from the lovely and effulgent texanfan) to use tonight, polish it tomorrow, and then start sending it out.

And then, when Hubby's off on his trip, I'll sit down with Angry Bitter Angel, in one long session, and see how well it holds together. I may will print out all thirty-three pages of it to do so. In a different font. Understand that those thirty-three pages are not Standard Manuscript Format. SMF will probably triple the page count. Won't that be fun.

Were I smart, I would actually start keeping track of things like paper and ink expenditures, and postage, and deduct them from our income taxes. I swear I go through more ink...