February 26th, 2013

I'm a terrible person

Agenda for the day...

1. Print out Angry Bitter Angel, in a different font, read it over, and red-pen it. This should be my final pass, or at least I hope so. Then I can start shipping it out too. Printing it was an exercise in frustration because my printer randomly decided to be a butthead, but I have it, finally. All 34 pages. Standard Manuscript Format will probably triple that. God.

1a. Fix the stuff I red-pen.

2. Get at least 2000 words into Glam Ben. I started it last night and have nearly 300 over 700 words right now. The deadline on that one is the 15th of March, so... yeah. Need to get on that. Writing sprints are a go-go-go today, and Write or Die, I think, will be my very good friend.

3. I owe my RP partner two tags. She understands that the "writing I might be paid for" takes priority, but I don't think I tagged anything at all yesterday. This needs to be rectified because I luff her.

4. If I decide that Angry Bitter Angel is done, format it and send it off to its first market. Research other markets for it as well. Long story is long and subject matter is iffy and markets are thin. Possibly throw five bucks at Duotrope's and see what's there. There's also Ralan's and the Submission Grinder, so.

5. Try to throw off this damn cold.

6. Clean out the Pile o'Doom beside my sofa. Take the blue rolly bag downstairs. Seeing as there are books that need to go downstairs in the Pile o'Doom, I can multitask that.