February 28th, 2013

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  • Wed, 18:15: That was a quick rejection. Which is (one reason) why I sent it there--I knew the response time either way would be fast. On to the next!
  • Wed, 19:28: That's the most painless snail mail sub packet I've ever done. Printer didn't go kerflooey & I didn't forget anything. Tomorrow, the PO!
That which does not kill me

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Never one to back down from shitty advice, VP Joe Biden has, instead, decided to double down on it instead:

"...you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door."


First of all, you are apparently unaware of the fact that you should never ever shoot at something if you don't know what it is. I mean, I guess I could just fire blindly and hope, and I'm sure the parents of the cookie-peddling Girl Scouts will forgive me if I make an innocent mistake. Right?

Second of all, my front door is made of steel. I'm not sure a shotgun blast would actually penetrate it. So not only have I expended half my ammo in a fucking useless gesture, but now I have a bunch of shot on the floor of my foyer. And, I guess if they come in, there might be a comical marble effect and they'll end up on their asses on the floor in a Home Alone scenario, but that's really not what I'm going for here. But, hey, at least, I haven't blown away the UPS guy! So I guess that's a good thing!

Holy crap, but I am sick and fucking tired of clueless elitists who barely know which end of the tube the round comes out of telling me what I should do for my own safety--and giving actively dangerous "advice" on top of it. And not getting called on their bullshit by a fawning lapdog press. Dan Quayle never said something that egregiously fucking stupid, but he misspelled "potato" and it was outraged front-page headlines for days. This asshole says "fire blindly through the door" and is met with dead silence from the non-Fox media when they should be howling for his head.

Apparently "sheer fucking stupidity" is not an impeachable offense.