March 7th, 2013

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  • Wed, 21:17: RT @HalfWindy: If Rand runs out of things to say he could always read the Health Care bill...since most Senators haven't read it yet. #s ...
  • Wed, 21:23: Three out of five edit accomplishments done. I still have no graceful way of describing this character from her own POV. None. #amediting
  • Wed, 23:37: THERE. The things I wanted to accomplish with this edit are done. Now I should print it out and go over it with a red pen. #amediting
  • Thu, 11:30: I'll just be over here. Flailing. Over the "Much Ado About Nothing" trailer.
  • Thu, 11:31: And now, I print out Glam Ben, in a different font, and go over it with the Red Pen o'Doom. #amediting
NOT a smile

Well, I WAS going to post up Glam Ben, for the Usual Suspects.

But apparently trying to copy and paste it directly from the fic doc in Visual Editor adds a whole bunch of extraneous html and makes the post "too big." So that's awesome. I'm going to do some poking around to see if there's a simple way to do this, because the way I write these things, it will not Go Well if I try to paste it in any other way. Basically, I format it the way I want to read it while I'm writing it but will be easy to re-format to Standard Manuscript Format once I actually finish it.

What this means in practical terms is that I write in Times New Roman, single spaced, with paragraph indents and underlines for italics. And doing a C&P from that in html format would mean a paragraph o'doom that no one would want to read.

So I'm experimenting right now, because this is ridiculous. Seriously, there should be some way to C&P from Word that will give me spaced paragraph breaks and my underlines where I want them without all that html.

Thanks, LJ. Way to make my life harder.

EDIT: Oh, look what I found. YAY.
Tired & Long-suffering

I've poked Eldritch Plumbing again.

And there is something wrong with it, but I can't put my finger on what. It's dialogue-heavy, but... I think that's okay, really. Maybe it's because there's not a whole lot of there there in between the dialogue. Blech.

I've also reformatted the Bear Story into a plain text doc for submission to this antho, seeing as they take simsubs and the place it's at right now is "notoriously slow" (their words) and don't mind simsubs. I don't like doing simsubs myself, but that's a deadline and if the place it's at is going to hold onto it for six months (with no web presence, wtf, it really makes me wonder, yes it does), well. It's getting simsubbed, and devil take the hindmost, you know?

I've got four other stories I need to flip as well, but I may wait and do a batch of subs once I have a couple more NaNo stories banged into shape for subbing. I also want to write something for this. I have an outline--another adventure for my spaceship crew--but I'll see if I want to do that or if I'd rather try to beat Ghost Ship into some semblance of shape.

I also need to poke the New Janni story some more (I have crit for it, at any rate), and Unquiet Neighbors is sitting there going read me read me read me. The Hubby read that one and actually had no input as to any glaring flaws. Considering that it's the one that had me pulling my hair out at the end of the NaNo project, that's not bad.

Tell you what, it never, ever ends. I guess this is what being a "real writer" is all about.