March 10th, 2013

Write Dammit

Upcoming contest & other fiction deadlines.

Get 'em in while you can!

Apex Magazine's "Glitter and Mayhem" antho closes March 15. Up to 6,000 words, pay is five cents a word.

World Weaver Press wants space adventures. Up to 10,000 words, pay is a penny per word, deadline is March 31.

The Writers of the Future contest quarterly deadline is March 31. Pay is $1000 for first place, $750 for second, and $500 for third. Up to 17,000 words.

Swords and Lasers is publishing their first anthology. Closes May 15, pay is $200 flat, and they recommend a word count of 1500-7500 words, although this is not a firm limit.

On The Premises has launched their new contest, with a theme of "inner workings." Word count between 1000 and 5000, pay is $180 for first place, $140 for second, $100 for third, and $40 for an honorable mention. Any genre except children’s fiction, exploitative sex, or over-the-top gross-out horror. Deadline is May 31.

It is also Mini-Nano Month. Finish that novel you started in November--25000 words in 31 days, you can do that! Or, you know, start one. Or write five shorts! Scribble madly and let the words flow.

So far, I've sent in stories to the Glitter and Mayhem and World Weaver Press anthos--last night. I'm planning on Writers of the Future, to which end I'll be madly editing the remaining three stories I wrote in January (in case F&SF accepts Zombunnies and I have to go to an alternate. It could happen!). I'll either bang Ghost Ship into shape for Swords and Lasers, or write a new Inquisitive Tamandua story. And I'll mull the On the Premises contest.
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  • Sat, 12:29: I have a title for Glam!Ben now. YAY. Need to figure out how to fill this plot hole everyone's pointing out now. #amediting
  • Sat, 13:46: I now have a less-than-200-word margin to fix this thing. Whee. #amediting
  • Sat, 14:35: Fixed it with one sentence in the middle of a monologue. Go, me. Now I let it sit until I hear from my Writing Buddy tonight.
  • Sat, 22:58: And Glam Ben is off. Fly, be free, little story. May the editors smile upon you.
  • Sun, 10:57: Upcoming contest & other fiction deadlines.…

First Read-Through of Unquiet Neighbors Achievement Unlocked.


And, honestly, the Hubby was right.

There's not a whole lot wrong with this thing. And what there was, I fixed. Easily.

I mean, I'll go through it a couple more times, and run it past the Usual Suspects, but it's pretty damn clean.

This makes me automatically suspicious. Remember, this was the last story I wrote for the NaNo project, and it gave me severe fits. It came in at 10,600 words and took a day longer to write than Angry Bitter Angel, which was 8,000 words longer.

So I'm not sure what this means. Other than, I'll poke it again and see what happens.

I guess.