March 14th, 2013

wolf eyes

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  • Wed, 12:48: Wait, I thought I had the right to do with my body as I pleased. Killing a fetus=A-OK! 17-oz Coke? BURN THE WITCH. #choice #nannystate
  • Wed, 15:35: Word knows "thwacking." I should not be as weirded out by that as I am. #amediting
  • Wed, 16:08: Can you imagine if VP Cheney had uttered the words "garden-variety slap in the face" to differentiate it from "real" domestic abuse?
  • Wed, 19:27: Unquiet Neighbors is now vastly improved.…
harshing my squee

Well, that was a fast rejection.

Which, I suppose, is better than a slow one.

But that also means I need to look for other markets a lot sooner than I planned. I now have six stories lying fallow on my hard drive. I should probably think about tossing five bucks at Duotrope's and lining up more markets for the things.

Maybe this weekend when I don't feel overwhelmed by Life. Boy is off to an overnight scout camp thing tomorrow, we've still got a day left of school, I have groceries to consider, and I'm not sure I got a whole lot of sleep last night. And two hours of TV that I love should not feel like a chore, but they do.

One of these days I should do a State of the Subs post. Those fell by the wayside along with everything else when I fell apart for a year. That being said, I have 25 stories on my spreadsheet, six of which have been sold (yes, I realize it says five on the sticky post, but the sixth one hasn't appeared in print yet), and two of which have been trunked.

I should also put the story nicknames on the spreadsheet so I can keep better track of what I call them on this thing.

Blargh. I think it may be time for a to-do list.