March 15th, 2013


My to-do list is half-conquered, and it's barely the weekend.

I have:

Organized my story folders in my file cabinet, and made one for Zombunnies
Edited Unquiet Neighbors, and posted it for the Usual Suspects
Revamped my submissions spreadsheet so it makes more sense

What's left:

Brainstorm the Inner Workings story for On the Premises
Retroactively outline Ghost Ship and brainstorm that so it stops sucking
Edit the Janni story some more
Sub the stories that have been rejected:
  • Framed Werewolf
  • Sold Soul
  • not!Iron Man (good luck here, length is problematic)--OKAY, I have a place to send it, but have to wait a week.
  • Bunny From Hell
  • Giant Bugs

But I think I'll save that for tomorrow.
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