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March 23rd, 2013

02:27 pm

Never give up, never surrender.

The Cow Story has found a home. At pro rates, too. It should be appearing soon, once edits and such are out of the way.

More news as events warrant.


03:41 pm
So much headdesking. I'm an idiot, apparently.

So, I was poking through my Cow Story tag and realized, huh, when I posted it for the Usual suspects, it was over 9,000 words long. According to my spreadsheet and the first page, it's 6700 words long.

How and when did I whack 3000 words out of it?

So I did the word count thing on the doc again.

It's actually 9700 words long.

Gee. I wonder if that's why it got rejected so many times. I really wish someone had dropped me a note saying "Hey, you realize this thing is 3000 words longer than you think it is?"

I feel like an idiot.