April 1st, 2013

Tired & Long-suffering

It don't ever go smooth.

We're back from Moab, a day or two early. We ran two really good trails this year, but they were long. And, of course, the first thing that happened was we hit Moab after a four-and-a-half-hour drive and discovered that the Hubby had left the Jeep keys at home. So a friend and I went on a locksmith hunt and found one who was willing to come out and cut a key for the ignition, at any rate.

Everyone else kind of bailed on Sunday (or before), so we wandered out to Newspaper Rock (which we hadn't been to before, and dude, long drive is long), and then we came back and wandered out to the Birthing Rock. I took numerous pictures of both--this is research for the "Moab Monsters" story I'm mulling. For anyone who doesn't know, these are famous petroglyphs and kind of a big deal in Moab.

We ran the Rusty Nail trail on Friday and Steel Bender on Saturday, and we ate at the Moab Brewery, Eddie McStiff's, Zax Pizza, and the Blue Pig. Tasty meals all--for a small town, Moab has some ridiculously good eating establishments.

On the way home, the battery in the motor home decided it didn't want to charge. Of course we discovered this on the way up Soldier Summit in a driving rain/snowstorm. We made it, but it was nerve-wracking and iffy and I really would rather not do it again.

We are home. I have three rejections in my inbox I need to flip (Happy Easter, here's your rejections, have a nice day). One is going to F&SF and is 90 pages long. *dies*

Pictures to follow, perhaps. I have object lessons in Why You Don't Go Jeeping Alone. One of them was us.