April 10th, 2013

Over My Head

My checklist for now until the end of May:

Outline seven stories.
Write two of them.
Edit those and sub them to the anthologies they're for.
Finish the edits on Unquiet Neighbors.
Finish the edits on Eldritch Plumbing.
Do a blurb for Not!Iron Man.
Send that to another publisher.
Crit for this story for my Writing Buddy. He needs it by tomorrow; I'm planning on finishing today.

If I actually finish all that, maybe do a third story. Maybe.

In between all that, flip rejected stories as they come in.

If When I write these two stories, I'll have a good 70,000 words on the year. So far.

I'm actually pretty damn pleased with myself, but I'm a little overwhelmed by that list. Fortunately, Ghost Ship is mostly outlined and about half-written, so there's that, at least.

And that's just the writing checklist. AUGH.