April 11th, 2013

Guri praise the Lord

I'm pretty pleased with my output on the year so far.

I've completed (and sent out) five stories:
Zombunnies: 8000 words
Angry Bitter Angel: 19,600 words
Glam Ben: 5900 words
Janni's Story: 9000 words
Unquiet Neighbors: 11,100 words

For a total of 53,600 words. Before the end of April. Eldritch Plumbing will give me another 9000 or so, give or take; it's at 8800 right now and I usually add words--although at this stage it's more tweaking and refining than anything else. I should finish it up in the next couple of days, if I just sit down and do it. Considering the fact that my entire output last year was 36,200, across three stories, this is amazeballs.

I've decided I'm a unicorn, in light of this. I don't know, it seems that as a right-wing, religious, gun-toting female who writes SF/F, I don't exist. Or something. Or maybe I'm just not part of the (perceived) problem, seeing as I write gun-toting kickass protags of both sexes and my stuff falls firmly in the category of "adventure SF/F." And then I realized:

I’ve written dragons, werewolves, angels, demons, aliens, vampires, zombies, squonks, and talking cats, but never unicorns. Clearly, I’ve been slacking. Therefore, for the UFO story, I need to write something funny about a unicorn. Or an encounter with a unicorn. Or... something.