April 12th, 2013

Secret Cabal of Unicorn Fundies

Did I miss a memo?

I just read some guidelines for a new antho that implied that atheists and agnostics were "marginalized" in the SF/F community. I won't name the antho, because there's no sense burning bridges, but that strikes me as...

Well. Patently ridiculous.

Marginalized among "mainstream" America? Perhaps, depending where you live--Lampasas, TX, yeah; San Francisco, not so much. Marginalized in the SF/F community? Dude, no. Don't look now, but you gotta little persecution complex on your sleeve there. This gets back to the whole thing where I feel "marginalized" as a right-wing, religious, gun-toting woman writing in the SF/F genre. I mean, seriously, it's gotten to the point where I'm surprised if a SF/F writer (male or female) is actually conservative. And if they're religious too??? Madness!

Sometimes, I just... side-eye this business. Really hard.