April 14th, 2013


An embarrassment of riches.

So, yeah, I've written five submittable stories so far this year, right?

One of the problems with this is that pro markets, especially pro markets that take things in the lengths of these stories, are thin. So one publication rejected Glam Ben, and they were next in line to get Janni's Story--but I don't want to send them something so similar this soon. So I'm sitting on Janni's Story right now, while I wait for something different to come back to send them in between, because all the other pro publications I want to send that to already have something of mine and multiple subs are a no-no. Or, I need to finish the edits on Eldritch Plumbing and ship that to them.

I'm getting whiplash between the reaction of "get back to me and open yourself up so I can send you something else" and "please don't reject me." Ideally, the form of "getting back to me" would take the form of an acceptance, but I'm under no illusions. These guys get hundreds of subs a month and publish anywhere from one to ten of them. The chances of them picking me out of the slush are vanishingly small even if I think I'm good. Because, you know, all those other people think they're good too.

But the rejections have been personal and encouraging lately, so I guess I'll keep banging my head on that particular wall. And, in the meantime, I'll write more. Someone, somewhere, surely, will be willing to choke me with dollar bills for my words. Maybe even one of the Big Ones.

In fact, there's one of the Big Ones with a notoriously fast turnaround time that--if they get back to me on Monday--will have taken 13 days, which is an uncharacteristically long time for them. Either this is a good thing, or the mail is just slow. Or lost. It's hard not to get my hopes up...