April 29th, 2013

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  • Sun, 18:02: Now, I edit Ghost Ship--line-by-line, until I wrestle the wordcount into submisssion. Deadline is May 15. #amediting
  • Sun, 20:38: Just whacked 232 words out of Ghost Ship. If I could whack another 150 or so, I'd call it good, really. #amediting
  • Sun, 22:21: And now I'm weed-whacking, word by word. Honestly, One more pass tonight, and another tomorrow, and I'm calling it good.
  • Sun, 23:27: ...Or, I'm NOT calling it good. Word just totally ate my doc. It's GONE. I can't even find a temp file. *dies*
  • Sun, 23:33: No, wait, there it is. I did a search for .tmp files and found it. *wipes brow*
  • Sun, 23:55: Wow, okay. That was the wrong version of that doc, but I finally found the right one. So that was fun.
  • Mon, 10:23: Line by line, sometimes word by word, edits are a GO GO GO. I've already whacked out 288 words. #amediting
  • Mon, 11:51: 362 words whacked out of this thing. I think I'm going to format it, go over it once more for typos, and call it done.
Lion Plushie

Ghost Ship is out the door.

So that's a relief. I like the story way better. My Writing Buddy thought there was a much bigger story inside it trying to get out, and he might well be right, but I took a weed-whacker to it anyway and managed to get it down to 7800 words from over 8100, so. He's not wrong about there being a lot of characters in the thing, but they're all necessary. Anyway, I hope they like it at the antho.

And now I can concentrate on outlining the Next Thing, which will henceforth be referred to as "Addiction Vamp." I'm going to do my best to make this one creepy and atmospheric. It's not my usual genre, but I have done horror and can do it again.

I've also got five other outlines and a blurb to work up--that June NaNo push is going to jump out and bite me if I'm not careful.