May 11th, 2013

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  • Fri, 23:04: Just did some math. Since January 1st, I have penned *drumroll, plz* 76,100 new words of submittable fiction.
Guri praise the Lord

I love whacking stuff off my to-do list.

In this case, I got to cross off "edit UFO story." It is edited, finished, and out the door.

I also crossed off "write Fearful Symmetries" and "edit Fearful Symmetries," because I decided to send them CatFeet instead. And thus the Addiction Vamp outline got moved to the NaNo folder, and I also got to cross off "outline #4 for NaNo."

So, now, I need three more outlines for NaNo, and a blurb for not!Iron Man. I have ideas for two of those outlines, and the blurb won't really be that difficult, although I should sit down and re-read Not!Iron Man just to refresh my memory on it. This will not be a hardship, as I love that story to itty-bitty pieces.

It's nice to see more items crossed off than items I still need to do on that list. I'm not feeling quite so overwhelmed anymore.