May 16th, 2013


Is this thing on?


You know, I had some pithy things to say about moviemaking and Marvel vs DC and storytelling and all that happy horse poo, but since LJ has been recalcitrant over the past two days about letting me post, all those thoughts have completely flown out of my head. I may go through my IMDB posts later tomorrow and try to get something coherent out of that dog's breakfast of this week's edition of "Arguing with Idiots," or I may not. Right now it's up in the air.

One good thing all this wrangling with DC fanboys gave me was the hook for the third outline I need for my June NaNo push. Some idiot Some person said that setting IM3 during Christmas was "confusing" and that no superhero movies ever should be set during the holidays because they're all big summer blockbusters. Never mind that Thor 2 is out in November, that Die Hard came out in July, or that The Fugitive (which is set during St. Patrick's Day) came out in August. NO. IM3 being set during Christmas is not to be borne. Or something, IDEK.

Anyway. My hook for my 3rd outline is: *drumroll* Superhero story set during Christmas. Can he save the city from supervillains in time to open presents without giving away his secret identity?

So now I have Hooks. I just need Story.