May 27th, 2013

Guri praise the Lord

#MisCon is tons of fun.

And Jim Butcher is fabu. We got to hear him read from the latest Dresden Files book yesterday afternoon, and then last night he did an unscheduled reading from his new steampunk novel--neither of which are out yet. Both of them are going to be awesome. He is super down-to-earth and also very funny; I am so glad I got to meet him. Are you jealous? You should be. :p

I've gotten a little work done. I'm having a debate with myself on whether I want to water a scene down for the sake of a PG-13 rating or not, and still haven't come down on a side yet, although I'm leaning heavily toward "no." Part of the problem is that markets are thin anyway for something that's 9000 words long, so I'm already limiting myself via word count. Ah well.

I've gotten ten books signed and hope to get the rest autographed in 40 minutes or so. Oh, hey, they have moved it to the lobby, which I just found out this second, and I'm camped out here anyway (because the wifi in my room kind of sucks), so. I'm a little stunned that the line isn't longer, but a lot of people have left already, and most folks probably got everything signed the other day.

I miss my CONduit peeps, but this is fun and also JIM BUTCHER.
Guri praying

Snippet... Monday.

Have a snippet from Angry Bitter Angel:

"Oh, blah blah blah." Ralesh perched on the headboard. "Don't you get tired of that shtick, Nachi? They never listen."

"Sometimes they do." Sure they do, a traitorous voice whispered in my head. They listen to angels not you. Because you are a failure and a screwup.

"I am not." I didn't even realize I'd said it aloud until Ralesh raised an eyebrow. I tightened my jaw and stared between my boots. "Leave be, Ralesh. I don't want to talk about it."

"Something's clearly bugging you, Nachi. Why don't you tell your big brother what it is? You know--" Ralesh's voice was casual. "It's not like Ereziel not to notice when something's bothering one of his underlings. Or, maybe he did notice and sent you down to a difficult assignment anyway. Gal was pretty broken up, you know."

"Galiel's not exactly experienced with Charges like this." And you are, that voice whispered again. What does it say about you that someone like Gerald is all you get anymore? "Someone had to come, and it fell to me." My chin came up. "And I'm glad to do it. I'm glad to do Father's Will and help His people see their way. It's a noble calling and I'm doing good work."

Ralesh snorted. "You just keep telling yourself that--while you watch your Charges traipse merrily off to Hell. Very noble."

"Nobler than what you're doing, Ral. I might not be able to stop them traipsing to Hell, but you're the one giving them an active push. All in the name of sharing the misery." My mouth turned down. "Does it make you feel better? What do you gain by hurting Father's people? You're still just as wretched."

Ralesh's lips twisted in a snarl. "Sharing the misery is enough. You don't know what it's like. Pray you never do."

"I wouldn't follow the Morningstar and his preposterous rantings on a bet, brother. Why a third of you did is a question for the ages. Were you really so oppressed? Was Father's love not enough?"

Ralesh spat. "He doesn't love us, or you. He loves them. These ridiculous meatsacks, so easily led by their desires and their baser instincts. Serve them? I'd sooner be Fallen."

"And so you are, Ralesh."

I dearly love this story...