May 29th, 2013

Over My Head

Making travel plans is so much FUN.

The same way a root canal is fun, in this case.

Flights from SLC to Atlanta are dear, and Priceline, this time, was being singularly uncooperative. After hunting individual airlines and growling at prices, I finally went through Travelocity and got a ticket for $477 (ouch) for one that leaves at friggin' midnight and gets in the next morning. The upside to that is that it saves me a hotel room and food for that night, so. Sleep? What is that. Now I have to contact the hotel and cancel the first night (done!), and see if anyone's driving to Chattanooga from Atlanta that morning. If not, I'll catch the shuttle.

I also booked us a hotel for this weekend in Pueblo, because the HubbyMom is getting married and would like us to be there.

But at least I'm done and settled, so, that's two less things I need to worry about.