June 4th, 2013

Guri praise the Lord

I wish my octogenarian newlywed mother-in-law many happy years with her new husband.

What a beautiful wedding. A good time was had by all, and New Hubby Dave is a peach. They clearly adore each other.

So now I'm home until Sunday, when I will wing my way to Chattanooga for the Writing Excuses retreat. Meanwhile, I'm madly scribbling Iteration Two of the NaNo Project o'Doom, which is a rousing success so far. Even with wedding shenanigans, I've managed to hit my goal for the first four days, and it continues apace. I'm nearly 7500 words into De-Wolfed Ben, and right at the climax. Hopefully I'll wrap it in the next 1500 words or so.

I've also got a first line and a better hook for the Chambliss story. It involves adding yet more romance, which is not exactly my strong suit, but I'll muddle through and make do.

But first I need to write the steampunk story, since it's the one with the, you know, actual deadline. As soon as I finish De-Wolfed Ben, that one is next on my plate. Perhaps I'll post an in-progress snippet soon, but don't hold your breath. For some reason, this part is giving me fits. I know what happens and where it needs to go, it's just that getting there is not half the fun, it's a slog.

But at least I don't hate the story. Win.