June 10th, 2013

wolf eyes

My tweets

  • Sun, 18:47: And the flight from ATL to CHA just closed up on me & is now oversold. Urgh. Well. There's the shuttle if I need it.
  • Sun, 20:08: ...and that's everything but my computer packed. I have the phone and the parking pass as well. So. I think I'm ready.
  • Sun, 21:08: ...since I have to take my shoes off at Security, perhaps I should wear socks WITHOUT holes in them.
  • Sun, 22:56: In the tradition of the lovely & effulgent @MaryRobinette, I'm at the SLC airport. I'd have a drink, but there's no bar.
  • Mon, 04:38: Welcome to Charlotte, where I can't find a wall plug. Stuck an END at the bottom of the story, had a drink & a nap on the plane to here.
  • Mon, 04:54: OH. The wall plugs are in the hallway, not in the passenger seating areas. How very freaking inconvenient. But I have power now.
  • Mon, 08:00: Welcome to ATL! Looks like a seat's open, and I'm at the top of the standby list, so I might actually make the flight to CHA. We'll see.
  • Mon, 08:01: ...whoops. Someone is now ahead of me on the list. Argh. Conditions are so dang fluid.
  • Mon, 08:06: LOLing @ the "cleared" list: HAM/I, POR/K, and SHA/G. You can't make this stuff up. #WXR13
  • Mon, 08:10: If I don't make this flight, the next one is pretty open, so I'll wait on that. If I don't make it, then I'll take the shuttle. #WXR13
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