June 27th, 2013

Over My Head

Writing woes.

So, yeah. I haven't written anything for about two days. Staring down the barrel of the end of a NaNo project, this is a problem.

I think part of my issue is that I'm not very excited about this story, although one would think it's right up my alley. Another part is that I've written 110,000 words in six months and it's entirely possible that I'm just burnt out. Maybe other people can sustain this pace, but I'm not used to it, at all. And another part is that I'm pretty sure that this story will not tip me over the 50K mark and I'm unwilling to start another one when this one is done because I'm tired and I don't want to commit to that. BUT. It won't tip me over 50K and so that makes me feel like a failure. *tears hair out*

So. What I really need to do is just buckle down and finish this one and call it "good," no matter the word count. This will give me fourteen stories on my year. Then I'll edit these and start the outlining process for the Ben-in-vampire-prison novel.

And maybe I'll do a half-NaNo in September or October or something just to say I did, although I'm sure there will be other themed anthos coming out that I'll want to write for as well.

My output this year is nothing to be ashamed of. However, resting on my laurels is also a terrible idea. So. I have a Plan. I just need to implement it.
I regret nothing

So, okay. I'm not giving up, but--

The Superhero Christmas story is not pinging me. At all. So, I'm setting it aside, at least until tomorrow, and working on edits for the Revelator instead.

It's funny to come back to something you haven't seen in a couple of weeks. That thing about "fresh eyes" is definitely valid. I didn't even remember my wordcount for the thing--turns out it was a hair over 4500, which is well within the 5000-word limit, so go, me. Apparently I can do "short" if pressed.

The good news is, I like the story. The bad news is that it needs a title. Of course. And it needs more... something. Emotion, I think, which is always my weak spot. Fortunately, I have plenty of wiggle room, and about a week before it's due. My Writing Buddy has the raw file, and I'll run it past the Hubby and (probably) the Usual Suspects once I've solved the emotions problem..

So. I didn't write much today, but I've done a couple of editing passes and I refuse to think of myself as a failure. Scribbling nearly 40,000 words in a month, across five stories, is not a Fail.