July 1st, 2013

wolf eyes

My tweets

  • Sun, 12:09: THERE. Synopsis pared down to under 500 words. It was painful.
  • Sun, 13:02: I may have come up with a title for the steampunk story. FINALLY.
  • Sun, 14:10: I'm going to let the steampunk story marinate for a bit and poke another one.
  • Sun, 14:14: Oh, look, I hate my opening paragraph. Awesome. #lineface
  • Sun, 15:50: Good news: I adore this story. Bad news: It needs a LOT of work. It's 9000 words long and feels rushed. Ugh. #amediting
  • Sun, 17:19: I guess the first thing to do is save this as a new file, excise all this boring-ass exposition, and get to the damn POINT. #amediting
  • Sun, 19:05: So the first thing I do on a story that feels rushed is delete 150 words from the beginning. That'll un-rush it. #headdesk
  • Sun, 22:35: Today, I: http://t.co/N8QNa9oRxs