July 5th, 2013

wolf eyes

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  • Thu, 13:41: Eyes on paper editing pass complete. I adore this story. It ends a little abruptly, but... *squints* I think it works. #amediting
  • Thu, 13:47: My characters hate standoff BS and tend to ACT rather than posture at each other. This sometimes involves abrupt decapitation.
  • Thu, 14:27: Corrections transferred from paper to screen. Hubby on his way home. Must clean kitchen.
  • Thu, 15:24: Off to the store for pizza and fireworks. Because simply setting $30 on fire just doesn't have the same effect.

Having poked Chambliss's Story quite a bit...

This may end up being my favorite out of the five I wrote. I say that having not looked at two of them yet, but I honestly don't see them dethroning this. There is nothing not to love here, and it's got so many pull quotes and little moments that I just adore it.

Which means that's two NaNo projects where my favorite story ended up not being a Ben story, although he's got a bit part in this one. I do love Alex, though, and Chambliss's dry patience with his shenanigans is a delight to write.

This is not to say that the story doesn't need work, because oh, God, it does. For one thing, I'd like to whack it down to under 9000 words. That's doable in its current incarnation; it's not much over that right now. So, I'm going to concentrate on editing Chambliss's story so I can get it out there, and it'll be the one I give to my Writing Buddy this weekend.