July 6th, 2013

wolf eyes

My tweets

  • Fri, 12:42: Plane is out of annual. Trip to Billings to see @KevinHearne cancelled. Now I am sadfaced.
  • Fri, 12:54: Having poked Chambliss's Story quite a bit... http://t.co/JfgzyVa3O6
  • Fri, 14:41: Rejected story flipped. On page 3/16 of edits for Chambliss's story. Worried that @KevinHearne got eaten by a bear. #writinglife
  • Fri, 15:00: Dumb sentence: "I was the last one left alive or uncaptured in my unit after a disastrous battle, and I wished to keep it that way." #noshit
  • Fri, 16:05: I have spent an HOUR. On TWO paragraphs. They suck that much. Well, sucked. They're much better now. So I guess it was worth it. #amediting
  • Fri, 16:28: I just realized I can whack this entire sentence WHOLESALE because no one cares what he is or isn't carrying. That drops me below 9K words.
  • Fri, 17:53: Good news: Hubby did NOT break his hand working on the Mustang restoration project. Bad news: He hurt it pretty good, though.
  • Fri, 22:30: #ThatMomentWhen you realize that by excising a single word from a sentence, it not only tightens it up, but makes it clearer. #amediting
  • Fri, 22:35: Spent most of the day on two freaking 'graphs. But they're finally honed into something I think I can live with. Hope the rest is easier.