July 22nd, 2013

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The Muses see our writing plans, and laugh.

So, remember how I said before that Angry Bitter Angel could be a novel?

Well. I've thought about how to accomplish that. What I have is Part One. Parts Two and Three, of similar lengths or possibly a bit longer, would give me something novel-length. It's definitely doable.

The problem is that I rather loathe the whole novel-subbing game. It's a soul-sucking descent to the bowels of Hell. And, as a novel, this thing still has the "too Christian for a secular market and too rough for a Christian imprint" problem that it has as a novella.

On the other hand, part of the reason I'm having trouble with the synopsis for not!KKBB/IM is that I didn't outline it beforehand. It was entirely pantsed, and as such requires a major re-reading and retroactive outline to even start a synopsis. And, hey, I already have a synopsis for the first part of Angry Bitter Angel!

I had a Plan for the rest of the year. I was going to re-visit the New Ben & Janni Story, outline it, whack it down to manageable length, and finish at least a draft.

But. Yeah. I adore Nachi and want to write more about him. I've scribbled a good 25000 words across three stories starring Ben already this year, plus another story he had a minor but significant role in. And I could treat this like another NaNo project and have an outline and first draft banged out in a month and a half or so.

I must be insane.