July 24th, 2013

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In the interests of turning Angry Bitter Angel into a novel...

I'm visiting the Hollywood Formula, seeing how that works with a three-act structure, and deciding what Nachi actually Wants and what his Conflicts are in light of what happened in Act One.

Basically, Hell should be shaken to its roots at this point, because they've just had a major paradigm shift and Nachi is a heavier hitter than everyone gave him credit for. So they would not only start taking him more seriously as an adversary, but they might (possibly) send someone after him to take him out of the picture permanently.

So there's one subplot. Another is his ongoing conflict with his serial killer Charges and their Tempters. His own self-doubts come into the picture for that one, and I think I need to have him do something that puts him in serious danger of Falling himself.

I think each act should be a different serial killer. And also they should each have their own completed arcs. Consequences should build from the first through the second until the shit really hits the fan in the Third Act.

You know, I didn't use to think about all this stuff; I just sat down and wrote. But for something as ambitious as this, I need to think about the structure and how everything he does affects everything else. And posts like this are part of my brainstorming process and figuring out what needs to go where.
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The Hollywood Formula, for easy reference:

Act One:
1% -- opening scene
2-9% -- setting up the story
10% -- inciting incident; introduction of the conflict for the protagonist
11-24% -- surviving the change (recovery)

Act Two:
25% -- The Big Decision; the tipping point
26-49% -- exploring the new world
50% -- midpoint; protag goes from reaction to action
51-74% -- the return of the villain leads to...
75% -- "all is lost" moment

Act Three:
76-84% -- licking wounds, new plans
85% -- the "aha!" moment
86-100% -- the Final Push

Okay, so. Act One is in the can. In Act Two, Nachi has a decision to make as far as what he's going to do going forward. And if he decides that he's going to be an Evangelist to the Fallen, rather than concentrating on his Charges like he ought, not only will he garner negative attention from the higher-ups in Hell, but also from his own superiors as well, because that's not his Duty.

So what I need to do is slot the Seven-Point Plot System into this formula as both mini-arcs and overall arcs. And then I need to decide exactly what Nachi's character arc is. How does an actual Angel of the Lord have a Journey of Faith? I've said in the past that it's not a matter of Faith for angels but a matter of Trust (as has been borne out in dogeat_underdog's character arc in the RP), so that's a starting point, anyway.

I also thought about having Act Two be from the newly-restored Ralesh's POV, and then having Act Three bounce back and forth between the two of them. But at this point, I'm still noodling notions, so. I'm not sure exactly where this will go.