July 29th, 2013

Over My Head

Today's to-do list, oh God.

First off, many thanks to those who offered me congrats for winning the Salt City Steam Salty Dog Writing Contest! It means a lot that you guys are rooting for me. *gives all the hugs*

I have a lot on my writing plate today. I need:
  • a title for George and the Meerkats (no, I cannot call it "George and the Meerkats" because that is lamesauce)
  • once I have a title for George and the Meerkats, format it, read it over one more time, and ship it off to its first market
  • a couple of Shakespeare quotes for Ben to spout during the course of De-Wolfed Ben, because that's how the boy rolls
  • word-whacking on De-Wolfed Ben to drop it under 9K
  • to make a start on the rest of the outline for Angry Bitter Angel

    In addition to all that:
  • today is payday, so off to the bank we go
  • we are out of cherry vodka; this is an intolerable state of affairs, so I'll have to stop in at the liquor store
  • some of the groceries I normally get are cheaper at the grocery store than Walmart, so I'll swing by there on the way home
  • I'm being occasionally shanghaied into helping the Hubby with his Mustang project
  • laundry, whee

    And I want to go to a movie today before we get any farther behind.
  • wolf eyes

    My tweets

    • Sun, 13:21: In other news, I didn't win... http://t.co/RNwkH0aUDb
    • Sun, 14:16: Well. I've got crit for one story and a bunch of brainstorming stuff for outlining another. I should probably get on that.
    • Sun, 15:49: I should stop procrastinating and go over my notes from last night to see if they still make sense in the cold light of sobriety.
    • Sun, 21:23: Fixing my AI's dialogue so it's a British accent without outright stating "it had a British accent." My characters don't know what that is.
    • Sun, 22:42: Now the thing needs a title. I'm thinking "Meerkat Manners," but the story is more about the AI, with meerkats as a backdrop. Gah.
    • Sun, 22:46: OH! And this is me holding a gyrfalcon at #SaltCitySteam. How cool is that? http://t.co/MNf3T9QdPK
    • Sun, 22:52: @AShvartsman "I shall be in my chip having a virtual cup of tea. Call if you need me." And George disappeared in a burst of pique & static.
    • Mon, 11:44: Today's to-do list, oh God. http://t.co/wAgkrqm8T1
    Writer of Wrongs

    Issue 7 of @PlasmaFrequency!

    With my first published story about Ben, is now available for download or in a print edition here. The story is "Different in Blood," and it stars a were-squonk. It's a free download for your e-reader, and if you don't have a Kindle, there's an app for that which works on your desktop.

    Go forth! Read! Enjoy!