August 5th, 2013

wolf eyes

My tweets

  • Sun, 16:35: Done with my final read-through of De-Wolfed Ben. Fixed some typos and an instance of a repeated word. Now to find a market for the thing.
  • Sun, 16:36: This means I only have one more story to finish editing from the June NaNo push. It's with my Writing Buddy right now, so I await crit.
  • Sun, 16:58: De-Wolfed Ben is off to its first market. I really like this one, folks; wish me luck. Of course, I really like ALL my stories...
  • Sun, 23:08: I have 19 stories out waiting for responses. I must be insane. Also, I need to find a market for my other #WeirdWestern.
  • Mon, 06:58: Boy is off to a week-long Boy Scout camp. I am conflicted. I hope he has fun.