August 12th, 2013


Because I don't have enough on my writing plate...

And because the novel for Angry Bitter Angel is intimidating the hell out of me right now, I'm...

Going to attempt a couple of shorts for upcoming anthos.

One is the Coffee anthology. I already have a character who drinks Kopi Luwak, so coming up with a 4000-word story in which something terrible happens to his $600-per-pound coffee should not be difficult. The deadline for that one is August 31, so I'd better get on it.

The other is the Cyborg antho. I've got 8000 words for that one, a basic premise, and a (tentative) deadline of Sept. 15. Yes. It will star a werewolf with a prosthetic limb. Yes. I am headdesking mightily over this because I am going to be forever known as That Werewolf Writer.

On the plus side, Ben gets to sit this one out. However, for the coffee antho, I have no idea how I'm going to shut Alex up enough to squeeze something about him into 4000 words. I guess we'll see. I have outline docs open right now.

There is something wrong with me.