August 16th, 2013

wolf eyes

My tweets

  • Thu, 12:50: Sheets in dryer, dishes in dishwasher, mail checked, litterbox clean. I will now reward myself with the latest @NightValeRadio.
  • Thu, 12:52: And a rejection in my inbox for Angry Bitter Angel. Not a surprise, exactly, b/c I KNOW what a hard sell it is, but. Woe.
  • Thu, 14:31: The hunt for a market for a hard-sell manuscript of not-quite 20K words is soul-destroying and hopeless. #whywritersdrink
  • Thu, 15:23: Outline woes--Coffee Antho, Take Two.
  • Thu, 15:43: Clearly, I'm going to have to just MAKE SOMETHING UP. Well. I'm a writer. That's what I do. If I have to. I guess.