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August 24th, 2013

12:00 pm
My tweets

  • Fri, 20:08: ...1800 words into a piece with a 4000-word limit. This will go well. I guess I'm nearly at my midpoint, but damn.
  • Fri, 20:35: And there's Pinch One, done. *buffs nails* I can, on occasion, turn a phrase. #amwriting
  • Fri, 21:27: Did I say something egregiously offensive today, or did I just get boring? I seem to be bleeding followers.

10:58 pm
There's an END at the bottom of the Coffee Story.

It came in at just under 4200 words, so I've got some whackage to do, but anyone can cut 5% of the manuscript and still have it be good, if not vastly improved thereby. I will completely ignore the fact that I usually add words rather than subtract them in edits and just sit here and be happy that my first draft is done.

Now I have a week to beat it into some semblance of shape. But all in all, I'm happy with it. Alex is a delight to write and I always have fun with him.

And then I get to start on the cyborg story. After a brainstorming session with my Writing Buddy tonight, I at least have a semblance of Plot for that one; it's due the 15th of September. I'll spend tomorrow on edits for the coffee story and outlining the cyborg story.

And someday, I'll put the final finishing touches on the cat-hoarding dragon story as well. That one got back-burnered because Deadlines, but it's nearly done.