September 20th, 2013


Oh, look. Someone who can't Do, but thinks he should Teach.

I love Yahoo Answers. Really. I enjoy helping people remember the titles of books they've forgotten and desperately want to find again; I enjoy encouraging young writers through "writer's block;" I enjoy helping them with their writing.

What I don't enjoy are elitist snobs thinking they Know Better. You know the ones--they sniff at genre fiction and think it's unworthy or some such shit. So the guy in the link is a "writing instructor" (he's non-specific as to whether this is college or high school), and he gave his students a vague assignment. Then he was dismayed that a lot of them turned in SF/F with a bunch of world-building rather than Plot or Character or Conflict--so now he thinks he should disallow any SF/F elements at all. Along with disallowing first-person narrative.

I don't need to point out to you guys how stupid this is. But I'm going to reproduce my answer to him here, in case of later deletion.

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