September 24th, 2013

wolf eyes

My tweets

  • Mon, 14:17: Working on my business cards, since I have two new stories to put on the backs & the font I used for my name disappeared in some upgrade.
  • Mon, 17:10: Now that I've got the new microfiction formatted for the business cards, I should print them out...
  • Mon, 19:09: TMW you look at your old business cards and loathe them with the fire of a thousand suns, necessitating a ground-up redesign. Yay. #not
  • Mon, 20:27: Well. That was a giant pain in my butt. However, Business Card Redesign Achievement Unlocked. Go, me. Now I can watch @Castle_ABC in peace.
  • Mon, 20:32: Next question: Should I go to the store at midnight and grab my copy of @Iron_Man 3? I'll be up anyway.
  • Mon, 22:05: Redesigning my business cards has been an exercise in frustrated swearing. I *think* I have the bugs ironed out of them.
  • Mon, 22:44: Sure enough, I'm using the wrong template for the microfiction too, and need to go through and format them for the CORRECT cards. #whee #not
  • Mon, 23:12: THERE. *Now* I think the bugs are ironed out. Have to print them all to make sure. On plain paper, then compare to card paper.