October 5th, 2013


Cyborg Werewolf Blues...

I'm poking at my original outline for the thing, and now I have no idea why I didn't actually follow it. It's certainly better than what I ended up with.

So much headdesking.

If I want to go back and follow it, I'm going to have to gut what I have even more, and I'm ... not willing to do that. So I'll have to tweak it instead, but I think I have the solution here. Maybe. Just a matter of sitting down and doing it.

My motivation has been crap lately. I think I might be a little burnt out, but I'm also laboring under a deadline that will not wait. So. Wish me luck. Argh.
Writer of Wrongs

This, boys and girls, is why we brainstorm with other writers.

Had a session with my Writing Buddy today, wherein we spent two solid hours swotting over the Cyborg Werewolf story. We went over two fixes for it that weren't firing for me (mainly because they involved excising Sam and I love Sam), but then we came up with something awesome that I am excited about. If all goes well (and it should), I might even be able to bang out a draft of the thing before Hubby goes off to work again on Tuesday.

I may even *gasp* turn off football in order to write it. Seeing as I may actually have the house to myself for most of tomorrow afternoon.

It's going to be glorious, you guys. So glad to be revved up by this thing again.