October 17th, 2013

wolf eyes

My tweets

  • Wed, 12:15: Watched a couple of presentations by @longshotauthor & now I think my story is All Wrong. Scene? Sequel? WHAT ARE THOSE. #somuchheaddesk
  • Wed, 12:31: *eyes stories* Not sure I count as a Fake Girl Writer. Most of my protags are... men. Whoops? Maybe I'm just not Down With The Struggle.
  • Wed, 19:47: One character calls another character by his own name in this scene. Four other sets of eyes on this thing and no one caught it before now.
  • Wed, 19:48: This is the nightmare fuel that keeps me awake nights. #writerproblems
  • Wed, 20:22: Also, Sam chops his sentences under stress like Ben does, cementing the notion that they're very much alike. Or he did, before I fixed that.
Tired & Long-suffering

My story structure is not as borked as I thought it was. Yay.

Okay, so I got pretty discouraged yesterday after watching a couple of presentations by jimbutcher about story structure (or you can read about it here instead) and answering scene questions. I thought I'd done it all wrong and that my story was borked like a big borked thing.

But, after further analysis of it, I figured out that the structure is not actually borked. I've got a couple of places where I thought the scene answer was "yes," but it's not. It's "yes, but." However, the "but" part is delayed for a bit, and that's why I got confused.

So, I am much happier this morning, and I think I can send the revised version off to my Writing Buddy in good conscience.