October 21st, 2013

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  • Sun, 17:40: Well. Barring further input from my RP partner, and other than final edits for typos... I think the cyborg werewolf story is... Done.
  • Sun, 17:50: For now, I'm going to put it away, because I'm sick of looking at the damned thing.
  • Sun, 18:19: *firmly closes that doc* Really, I don't need to look at it anymore. I should start this outline, because this novel won't write itself.
Secret Cabal of Unicorn Fundies

Busy day!

Today I found out about a reprint anthology that wants science fiction stories by women. Huh, sez I, I have three of those.

So I spent most of the day re-reading "The Affairs of Dragons" and "Fortunes of Soldiers" to make sure that (a) I still like them, and (b) they don't have anything egregiously wrong with them. After all, I wrote both of those years ago, and things have changed a bit.

Turns out that other than some formatting issues in "Soldiers" and a spot in "Dragons" where Brad is looking over Charlie's shoulder instead of peeking out from behind his knees, they're good to go.

Then I checked my contract for "Sensory Overload" and found out that Plasma Frequency's exclusive runs out in February. Since this anthology won't be published until late 2014, I'm free to send that one along as well. Therefore, I'll be poking through it to make sure it's all right. Then I'll just send all three along to the antho. I'll need a more extensive cover letter for this project.

I also got my contract and proofs from World Weaver Press for "Bear Essentials," and I got the contract signed and scanned and read the proof. It's now back on the editor's desk and will see publication in April. It will be my second published story in the ongoing series outlining the adventures of the intrepid crew of the Inquisitive Tamandua. Yes, I named the ship after an anteater. Hush.

I've also done my half hour on the bike. Now I need to shower. We get paid today, and our liquor supply is depressingly low, so a trip to the package store is also in order, along with a trip to the grocery store to pick up a few things.

WHEE. Holy cow, so busy.