October 24th, 2013

wolf eyes

My tweets

  • Wed, 18:17: "Edit the thing until I'm sick to death of it, then shove it out the door" seems to be my Method du Jour. Not sure if this is bad or good.
  • Wed, 22:43: The cyborg werewolf story is Done, and Sent. FINALLY. I should qualify as a dentist, for all the teeth-pulling I had to do for this one.
  • Wed, 22:53: MANY thanks to my very patient beta readers on that thing, seriously. You guys are awesome and prevented it from wholesale suckage.
  • Wed, 23:06: Current stats: 126,400 words across 15 completed stories since January. Best. Year. Ever. That's two and a half NaNos.
  • Wed, 23:10: Have now done all the housekeeping on the thing and will stare at the new outline in consternation for awhile.
  • Wed, 23:39: Doing a half-NaNo project to close out my year at 150K would be desperate and dumb. Someone talk me out of it. Please.