November 6th, 2013

wolf eyes

My tweets

  • Tue, 13:27: Week just keeps getting better and better. NOT. I love ordering a book in "good" condition only to receive an ex-lib with a broken binding.
  • Tue, 13:41: I think they expect me to send this thing back, at my expense, which will probably cost more than the damn book did. Yeah, no.
  • Tue, 13:46: Emailed bookseller; if I have to send it back at my own expense, then forget it--I'll eat the cost and be more wary going forward. Ugh.
  • Tue, 20:52: Oh, look, this is me, writing 1000 words of terribad prose because I can't think of anything else. Do I have Plot? Nope. Winging it.
  • Tue, 20:55: In my defense, it's for this: and their "Unlikely Acceptances" collection.
  • Wed, 01:48: ...I'm going to have to go back and edit this story to make it suck MORE. It's actually amusing me quite a bit right now.
Not the worst thing

I have stuck an END...

At the bottom of this Terribad Story.

Considering the fact that I just started it yesterday and this may be the first you've heard of it unless you follow me on Twitter, this is quite an accomplishment. It comes in at 830 words, doesn't have a title yet, and needs editing to make it actually bad.

I was going to tell y'all what it involves, but, you know what? You're better off not knowing. I'll just be over here, headdesking and ashamed of myself.