November 18th, 2013

Straight from the Bottle

I hate the publishing business sometimes.

I am confused. And sober. Neither is a desirable state of affairs right now.

So, I sent a story (which will remain unnamed) to a publication (which will also remain unnamed) in September. I got a nice personal rejection from them a couple of weeks after I sent it in. Then I got an email four days after that, about a story that wasn't mine (different title, different author), saying it had been passed up the line. I emailed them back saying "Uh, not my story, you already rejected me?" And they said "Whoops, our bad, let me find the one that should have gone to you."

And so I answered back "No need, thanks, I already have it." THEN, apparently, they sent me one (which I didn't see for some reason, thanks a bunch, Gmail; it's there in my inbox but I swear I didn't see it until just now) saying that it had been passed up the line. Since I never saw this email, I subbed it to the next place in line.

Then today I get another rejection for a completely different reason. Which I'm almost glad about, because, guess what, the place I sent it to next? They don't take simultaneous submissions!

NOT ONLY THAT. But I went back and looked at the email informing me that Not My Story had been passed up the line, and now that email contains my name and the correct name of the story.

And people wonder why writers drink. This. This right here, is why.