December 23rd, 2013

I'm a terrible person

Christmas comes early!

Well, I didn't win the Merry Little Apex Christmas flash fiction contest, but the story that did win was pretty spiffy, so I'm not too disappointed.

And the handsome and hard-working Larry Correia has posted his sixth annual Christmas Noun story. If you have not read these, you totally should, because they are hilarious. WARNING: Conservatism not only lurketh there, but is right out in the open gnashing its fangs. If you are sensitive about our Fearless Leader's Signature Legislative Achievement being mercilessly skewered, this is probably something you don't want to read.

And now, for your enjoyment (or something), I'll post the 250-word story I entered in the Apex contest. WARNING: It is gleefully dark, and bad things happen to children in it. Also, there's a couple of f-bombs. And thus it is Collapse )