December 31st, 2013

Writer of Wrongs

Writing Year in Review!

Let's recap 2012 first:

I wrote 36,200 words across three stories last year, and had two accepted for publication, along with an Honorable Mention at Writers of the Future. Not great, but not terrible either.

This year, however, was a standout.

I scribbled 127,400 completed words across sixteen stories. This isn't counting three pieces of microfiction. It's also not counting incomplete fiction, or outlining, or blog posts, or RP. This is just completed, submitted words. In addition to that, I added 9600 words to Angry Bitter Angel in an ongoing effort to turn the thing into a novel. This will happen, just... later. It's backburnered while I scribble the shorts in January.

I also placed six stories: Cow&theBeanstalk (pro rates!), the BearFic, Steampunk Werewolf Western, The Revelator, Faerie Show, and Squonks! I've had one that an editor wants to hang onto for (perhaps) a different anthology than the one I subbed it to. I garnered (yet) another--my ninth--Honorable Mention at Writers of the Future.

Cow&theBeanstalk, Faerie Show, and Squonks! saw publication this year. BearFic and Steampunk Werewolf Western should both see publication in April 2014. I need to send an email to the place where the Revelator is to see what's up with it (won't that be fun--I have the horrible, sneaking suspicion that they don't actually know what to do with it). Zombies! should see publication soon as well; the publisher has had a lot of personal setbacks this year, which I do not hold against him.

I also received my Best!Rejection!Ever! from F&SF, a "didn't quite work" from GVG himself. Missed it by thatmuch, but I was thrilled because writers are weird.

Next year, I hope to write 150,000 words and see more professional-rate publications.
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  • Mon, 16:42: OUTLINE ACHIEVED. Holy cow, finally. I don't know if it's a GOOD outline or not, but there it is. One and a half to go.
  • Mon, 17:16: I'm at my second plot turn in this other outline, so farther in than I thought. Of course, that means I'm at the Great Swampy Middle. Ugh.
  • Mon, 20:33: Configuring new modem surprisingly painless. Let's hope this solves that annoying wireless problem I was having.
  • Mon, 20:36: Dinner consumed, 2 eps of Justified watched, plan made for Thursday, modem configured, inboxes cleared. Back to outlining.
  • Mon, 21:08: Just realized I'm probably going to have three POVs in this story, making it an even harder sell. So that's awesome. #reallyisnt
  • Mon, 21:35: Also, this entire plot is an epic cluster-foxtrot, and there are no winners here. Not usually how I like stories with these guys to go. :(
  • Tue, 11:34: Writing Year in Review!