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January 3rd, 2015

10:51 am
Other year in review stats, in case you care

The Submission Grinder has a super-handy tool that lets you know your subbing stats. Were I actually smart, I would sit down and put everything in there, at least from 2013 and the stories I still haven't placed. That... is a lot of work. But my stats from last year are fairly complete, so here they are.

Submissions: 174
Acceptances: 4
Form rejections: 126
Personal rejections: 29

And the reason the numbers don't quite add up is because I have several subs from 2014 I haven't heard back on yet, and I'm sure some of those acceptances and rejections were from stories subbed in 2013.

So far, this year, I've subbed five stories. December tends to be slow (I had 15 subs in December), and then publishers play catch-up in January. A couple of those were markets that opened on Jan 1.

So, there's a peek behind the curtain. I hope it's somewhat useful.

And, yes, that's another example of "psychotic persistence."